August 14 – Ireland

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Today was our first Kids Club in Shankill!! The weather was really beautiful this morning, just a little damp. Fortunately for us, Len was innovative and used a leaf blower to dry it off; not even joking. Unfortunately our numbers were a little low. Please pray that we have more kids showing up throughout the week! In the afternoon, half of the team went and promoted the morning kids clubs and then the other half went and started the afternoon club in the other green. Thank the Lord for holding off the rain for almost half of the club because when it started LASHING we all ended up hiding under the little green tent! 😅 Once again, no one left dryer than we came. But the kids were all so great! We’re looking forward to having fun with them the rest of the week. We also look forward to having an evening of fellowship with Regina and Darwin!


Innovative Len – “trying” to blow dry the grass before our morning club with a leaf blower.. (this really happened)

Small morning club

Holding up the tent while it’s raining buckets

We might have gotten a bit wet from the rain…

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