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14-day team: July 29-August 12 or 21-day team: July 29-August 19

eTeams Ireland is a short-term missions opportunity to witness and work for the Lord in the Republic of Ireland. It is an authentic cross-cultural missions opportunity that doesn’t involve having to learn another language to be effective. After cultural orientation and evangelism training this summer team will be involved in a concentrated program of evangelism and ministering to Irish believers and assemblies. The main focus will be on outreach to children and encouraging host churches in their ongoing children’s ministries.

The Purpose

The ultimate purpose for the team member’s involvement is that the Lord Jesus Christ will be glorified in them and through them. This should be achieved in the following ways:

Team members will grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ through:

  1. trusting in Him to provide for all their needs
  2. the discipling and daily team Bible study
  3. living and working closely with other team members and national Irish believers

Team members will be used of the Lord to build up Irish assemblies through:

  1. fellowshipping with Irish believers and encouraging them in their own walk and witness
  2. participating in the host assemblies with singing, testimonies, and Bible teaching
  3. presenting the Gospel that Irish people might be saved, baptized and added to Irish assemblies

Team members will become a more effective witness for Christ through:

  1. being taught the message of the Gospel
  2. being trained in various methods of evangelism
  3. gaining experience by actively participating in direct evangelism using these various methods

These Short Term Missions have produced Long Term Results for the work and witness in Ireland and in team members’ lives and the lives of their home assemblies when they return.


Glorifying God by enabling & equipping Christians to effectively cross cultures, encourage the church and evangelize in English.


The Program 

Missionary Orientation and Training

Team members arrive in Dublin, Ireland by Saturday, July 29th. (If you want to arrive a day or two earlier, please contact us.) The team will then spend time in cross-cultural missionary orientation and evangelism training which will include sessions on:

  1. Irish culture, history and geography
  2. Sharing the gospel with children

How to work as a team to carry out an effective child evangelism program including how to lead singing, teach Bible verse memorization, teach Bible lessons along with how to lead crafts & games.

Training for other evangelism and ministry opportunities will also be provided

Evangelism and Discipleship

Following initial orientation & training, three weeks of Bible clubs for children will begin. Sundays will be spent involved with the host assembly. Mondays to Fridays the team will start each day with personal quiet time, a team Bible study and prayer time followed by the Bible club. Along with the children’s outreach, team members will also prioritize getting to know children and parents and the local believers with whom the team will work. Most afternoons will be spent in program preparation. Most evenings will be spent joining local assemblies and getting involved in their mid-week Bible studies in Irish homes and/or more evangelism. There will also be time each week for personal team activities i.e. laundry, house cleaning, sightseeing.

Criminal Record Check for Working with Children

Ireland like many countries are vigilant about those who work with children in any circumstance where the children and the circumstance is not related to family relationships. Since your team is making child evangelism a significant part of the team’s outreach, the Irish assemblies with whom you will be working will be submitting a form on your behalf, using the information supplied on your application, to the Irish authorities. Additionally, eTeams would like to secure a similar check for you in either Canada or the USA.

Team Touring & Sight-Seeing

There will be times scheduled to visit and tour various places of interest throughout scenic Ireland.

Departure Date

Whether on August 12th or 19th, the time will come to pack-up and leave Ireland saying farewell to fellow-team members and new Irish friends and thanking the Lord for the great things He has done.

* If you are interested in staying for extra days or weeks of ministry, please contact us.

How Much Will It Cost? 

Each team member is responsible for sufficient funds to cover their share of the team costs. This amount will cover all aspects of the team program including the orientation & training, accommodation, meals, team transportation, sight-seeing, ministry and gospel materials, as well as fellowship gifts to local workers & missionaries involved with the team. In addition, the team member needs sufficient funds to purchase their airfare.

Team cost for 21-day program: 1495 CAD or 1150 USD

Team cost for 14-day program: 1050 CAD or 825 USD

The cost per person does not include travel costs to and from Dublin, Ireland and personal expenses such as: health insurance, personal sight-seeing and transportation, souvenirs, gifts, personal items i.e. toiletries, clothes, stationary and postage, etc.

Payment information is different for Canadian and USA residents. Please contact Ron Hampton for specific instructions.

Ron can also help you with advice and the booking of your airfare. 

Is This for Me?

It is if you are 18 or older (even much older); in good health and able to keep up to the strenuous program of discipleship and evangelism; able to live at close quarters with others and esteem others more than yourself; willing to take the place of a servant and a learner and accept leadership; someone whom your elders will recommend for this short-term missionary work.

It is if you want to experience God working in and through your life. You will be exposed to a mission field that qualifies in every sense of the word yet one where you can communicate the Gospel in your own language. You can be useful and effective even in the short-term. 

It is if you want to meet, live and work in fellowship with other Christians from around the world and to enjoy the experience of trusting God together; to experience the encouragement and support of a team; to have friendships formed and cemented that will last for eternity. 

It is if you are willing to respond to Christ’s call to go into all the world with the Gospel and to give up those things necessary to share His love and His salvation with Irish people today.

What Now?

After prayerfully reading and considering this information if you believe the Lord would have you get involved with eTeams, share this vision with your local church elders.

The pattern for the sending missionaries that we have in Acts 13:1-4a is a good one because as you will see in verse 4a, the Holy Spirit personally is identified with the process. It starts with the individual believing this is something the Lord might have them do; continues with them sharing this with their local church leadership desiring their counsel and prayer; that leadership confirming it in response to the Holy Spirit’s direction; and concludes with the leadership and local assembly identifying with the individual and their mission by becoming partners in the gospel.

REMEMBER: your elders and church leaders want to see you succeed spiritually.

You will need the prayerful support of your elders and home church if you are going to be the most effective missionary you can be. If they agree with your desire to be involved with this short-term missionary experience, complete the application form online at or download it and return it to us. We will then process your application as quickly as possible.

*    Once your application is accepted you will receive pre-arrival orientation packet that will explain how to book your travel, enter Ireland, how to send finances, what to bring, and other team info.

If you do not have internet or do not have a credit card, please contact Ron (see below).

If not completing your application online, mail your completed application to:

Ron Hampton, eTeams Ireland
212 Roberta Ave
Winnipeg, MB

You can print off your application, complete it, scan it then send it to . If you have further questions, contact Ron Hampton at the email address above or phone (204) 479-4840.

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